How did our signing with Record Breakin’ Music come to be? Here’s how it all went down, as told by event promoter and Philly ambassador George Lawrence. Thanks for helping us make it happen, brother!


Back in September, while we were scouting venues for Mara Hruby in DC, we were introduced to a young brother named Hayling, hanging out in his apartment listening to music. After about 45 minutes, I asked:

“Who’s this?”

“Oh, this is us.”

“This YOU???”

“Yeah… You like it? I’lll play you some more stuff.”

And thus begins the journey. After about 2 or 3 more songs, I pulled out my phone, dialed DJ Junior from Record Breakin’ Music, and the rest is history… Since signing to the label, Columbia Nights has released 2 singles, Stormy Weather (a Little Dragon cover) and Feel (a George Duke cover), and recently just blessed the world with their first album, Dawn | Dusk. Above is the video to their first single off the album, As You Are.